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Our donation program for 2023 is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

We donate only to registered 501(c) organizations, please submit a copy of your registration document with your ask. We tread lightly around political, faith-based, sports competition and other sensitive issues. Our priority is to Astoria and the Clatsop County area however we welcome requests from outside the area. Sound like we’re still aligned? Then onward! Please email beersup [at] buoy beer [dot] com with requests.

We’ve spent a lot of time looking at our options on packaging to try and choose the best possible option. While I agree the plastic side of recycling is a huge challenge for the country right now, there’s a lot of factors that go into the decision to use paktechs that we do. Generally speaking, the biggest bonus to us using those are they are made from 100% recycled material, essentially extending the life cycle of previously only single use plastic. On top of that, while they aren’t recyclable at the curb, they can be brought back to one of many breweries, bottle shops or shipped to paktech to be remade and used yet again as a package holder. Potentially extending the lifecycle to many more uses. Additionally, they are produced close to our brewery in Eugene, which saves a lot of transportation CO2 footprint as we bring in millions per year. See here for more info.

With a brewery, distillery, restaurant, and distribution company, we’re always looking for good people to work in a variety of positions. Head over to the Jobs page to see what is available. 

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