Buoy Celebrates 5th Year of Decapitator in Larger 19.2oz Cans 

This fall marks the 5th year of Buoy Beer Company’s seasonal barrel-aged doppelbock release, “Decapitator.” The specialty brew is aged in whiskey barrels and has become a yearly favorite amongst both Buoy brewers and beer drinkers.  

Brewed with intention and diligence, the viscous and velvety Decapitator doppelbock harkens back to the traditions of Monastic Germany. Toffee, cinnamon spice, and chocolate aromatics give way to a taste that is smooth, with a hint of bourbon and a crisp lager finish finish.

This year, the brewers decided to age Decapitator for just 12 weeks instead of the usual 8 months. 

“The longer you barrel-age a beer, the more it takes on the taste of the whiskey from the barrels,” says Matt Jones, Head Brewer. “This means you start to lose the beautiful, subtle flavors of the base doppelbock beer.” 

The team researched different lengths of barrel-aging and decided 12 weeks was the ideal time to create a balance between the barrel’s whiskey flavor and the original base beer flavor. Shortening the aging time also means the beer has a lower ABV and is therefore more approachable.  

This year’s variety was aged in barrels from Heaven Hill Distillery. Jones laughs and says Heaven Hill was perfect because it “balanced out the karma of using a picture of a demonic goat on our can.” 

Buoy’s Graphic Designer Kevin Ames designed this year’s label artwork. “The name ‘Decapitator’ inspired my thoughts of a goat as a vintage ‘B-movie’ monster,” Ames says. “It’s designed to have a bit of a creepy vibe.” The idea of “double” (or “doppel”) was used throughout the design, with two snakes, two sets of eyes on the goat, and two snake bites on the goat’s neck, all balanced with a whimsical color palette to contrast the eerie vibe. 

Instead of the usual bottles, Decapitator and its artwork will be released in 19.2-ounce cans with a larger surface area for more artwork. The team worked with Craft Canning on the can’s digitally printed label, which helped add design elements like a matte finish, spot gloss, and the ability to see the aluminum can through ink.

Additionally, Buoy’s high-speed canning line prevents oxygen from getting into the cans, which makes for a fresher beer. And instead of a standard 16-ounce bottle, the 19.2-ounce can means you get more Decapitator to share with friends.  

Look for Decapitator on draft and in cans at Buoy Beer at the Food Hub and throughout Buoy Beer’s distribution areas. The original unaged doppelbock base beer will also be on draft at the Astoria restaurant, so be sure to stop by and try both varieties! 

Brewed & Canned By:
Buoy Beer Company
Astoria, Oregon