Benefit Series

Baltic Porter

Born from dark winter nights in the icy northern latitudes, Buoy Baltic Porter crosses the boundaries between rich and crisp, smooth and brisk. Lagering below freezing for thirty days and thirty nights evolved the resonant flavors of coffee, filberts, and bittersweet chocolate into a beer perfect for those all at sea.

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Beer Can Pilsner Glass

January – March

Draft & 16oz Cans

  • As a part of the BENEFIT SERIES, 3% of sales are donated to the Ocean Blue Project. Ocean Blue Project is a grassroots, boots-on-the-sand nonprofit. Their mission is to rehabilitate and conserve the world’s oceans, beaches, and rivers to allow wildlife and human communities to thrive. Everything flows downstream and the ocean is a mirror reflection of our city streets, which is why they educate, empower, and lend their technical expertise to communities and governments around the world to support microplastics recovery, river restoration, and programs to teach kids to be stewards of the earth and wildlife.    

Flavor Notes






Deep Brown

Roasted nuts, chocolate and toffee

Malty full-bodied sweetness with some alcohol, clean finish

Technical Info


8.4% ABV / 35 IBU


Munich, Vienna, Black Malt




Cold Fermented, lagered 4 weeks


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Brewed & Canned By:
Buoy Beer Company
Astoria, Oregon