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Take a journey through time through the lens of Buoy Beer Company.


The brewery expands into its Astor St building via the remodel of a video rental store. Tanks, a 50bbl brewhouse, a beer bridge connecting the two breweries are added, and the canned Lager Series is launched.


The COVID-19 pandemic hits and Buoy pivots to mostly canning in the brewery.


The first barrel-aged beer of the River Barrel Series is bottled and the lager tank wall with a lagering capacity of 600bbls is completed.


More of the brewery building is renovated and the brewery expands westward, adding tanks and its very own canning line.


Buoy’s IPA and Czech Pilsner are canned in 12oz 6-packs.


Buoy’s IPA and Czech Pilsner varieties are bottled in 22oz bottles. Buoy Beer Company is also named Best New Brewery, Best Newly Bottled Beer, and Best Oregon Brewpub by the Oregon Beer Awards and New School Beer.


Buoy Beer’s Taproom opens to the public on Valentine’s Day. The brewery also wins a GABF for its Dunkel Lager and is voted Best New Brewery by ratebeer.


Buoy Beer Company is established in May and brews its first beer, a Helles Lager, in December on the pilot 3-BBL system.


Luke enjoys some of Dan’s beer in his garage brewery.


Dolly the Sheep is cloned.


Bornstein Seafoods purchases the building and uses it as a fish processing location until moving to a new Astoria facility in 2006.


The music group the Beastie Boys is formed.


NEFCO closes the plant and the building is used by Northwest Fur Breeders for the production of mink feed.


NEFCO builds the large east addition on the remaining wharf space between 7th & 8th street left vacant by the 1928 fire.


The New England Fish Company of Oregon (NEFCO) buys the building for fish processing.


Prohibition is repealed.


Burke Packing is destroyed by a fire and leaves a vacant space on the east side of Owen-Peeke’s building.


Owen-Peeke constructs the west portion of the current building as a feed and grain warehouse for $5,500.


A fire destroys Owen-Peeke Feed and Grain Company’s building on 11th Street in Astoria.


John Jacob Astor establishes Fort Astoria.


Lewis & Clark arrives at Fort Clatsop.

Pre- 1805

The Astoria area is inhabited by the Clatsop Native Americans, one of 5 tribes that make up the Chinook Nation which has inhabited the area for thousands of years.

Brewed & Canned By:
Buoy Beer Company
Astoria, Oregon